What if I do not like the…

  • L-Drink: If you do not wish to use the L-Drink, skipping it should not interfere with any rejuvenation effects, but it may impact your overall experience and energy level on the meal program, and put at slightly higher risk of losing muscle mass during the program. The L-Drink is intended to be consumed during the diet as a 1-time use only. We did not prepare it to be stored post-program, so it is best to not save this. Additionally, there are no established benefits to using the L-drink outside of the diet, so it has no purpose if you are not in a fasted state. Please discard after one use.
  • Olives: Although the product was tested as is, and we do not recommend substitutions or omissions, if you cannot tolerate the taste of the olives, you can omit them.
  • Herbal teas: If you do not like the teas supplied with the ProLon kit, you can drink other herbal teas as long as they are unsweetened and caffeine-free. 
  • Soups: You can add up to 1 tablespoon of dried herbs per day to your soups or other foods in the diet. We have two different versions of the program that you can choose ProLon® Original & ProLon Soup Variety 2. The original soups include Vegetable, Minestrone, Minestrone Quinoa, Mushroom and Tomato. ProLon Soup Variety 2 includes Black Bean, Butternut Squash, Butternut Squash with Quinoa, Tomato, White Bean and Spinach.