Why are the foods in ProLon nut-based bars, kale crackers, soups, etc.? What is in the nut-based bars?

The overall composition of ProLon is scientifically designed to provide nutrition to the body without triggering the nutrient sensing pathways. Additionally, each individual food used in the ProLon kit is specially selected for its health benefits. The L-Bar has honey and unsweetened coconut for sweetness, but it is made primarily of nuts which provide good fats. The good nut fats also slow the absorption of the sugar, to keep the glycemic index of the bar low.

What’s in the kale crackers and soups?

The kale crackers and soups provide naturally occurring micro- and macro-nutrients to nourish your body during the fast, without triggering your food-sensing pathways. They provide a small amount of protein in addition to what the L-Bar provides, in the form of plant-based proteins which are healthier than animal-based proteins. We also use soups in powdered form as we can more easily guarantee they contain just the right proportion of macro- and micro-nutrients in each package, and they are easier to ship to our customers all across the globe.