New Product - ProLon Fasting Shake

Fasting shake is the latest breakthrough in the science of nutrition and healthy aging. We all thrive to eat the most premium ingredients and help our body perform at its best and age slower. The cutting edge nutrition research led after 18 years of research at top Universities around the world that a proprietary nutrition formulation called fasting mimicking nutrition is the new secretive bio-hack for weight, performance and Longevity. Indeed, it is the only nutrition formulation patented in US and Europe for enhancing Longevity. The Fasting shaking is the novel meal replacement product derived from this nutri-discovery that helps the body be nourished with plant-based proteins, healthy fats and very low glycemic index drink while the body thinks it is still fasting. Reach your optimal potential and be the leading influencer and longevity role model for your family, peers and loved ones.