Cleanse on a cellular level
with a 5-day food based

There's no one way to define a cleanse. There are juice cleanses, gut cleanses, liver cleanses, etc., each with various ingredients and protocols. But none produce the deepest form of cleansing called autophangy - cleansing at the cellular level.

Autophagy is the state in which the worn-out parts of cells are gathered and discarded. This is followed by the release of molecules that rejuvenate existing cells. It's your body's way of cleaning house. But autophagy can only be attained through a prolonged fast.
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ProLon, your science
backed cleanse.

ProLon is the 5-days fast with food. More than
20 years of research helped us create a precise
blend of plant-based nutrentes that can be
consumed-while your cell think you're fasting.

Research on 3 consecutive 5-day ProLon cycles, used onse a month, found:

Lose visceral belly fat.

Average weight loss of 5.7lbs

Average lose of 1.6 inches off waist circumference.

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ProLon unlocks the cleansing and renewing of cells. Here's what happens when you harness the power of ProLon.

Day 1

Transforming to a Fasting State: This triggers fat-buring mode.

Day 2

Fat Burning & Ketogenesis: Fat-burning ramps up. Ketosis may occur.

Day 3

Autophagy Clean-Up State: Fat-burning and ketosis increase.

Day 4

Cellular Rejuvenation: Cellular renewal & fat-burning continues.

Day 5

Renewal & Change: Fast completed, yet cellular renewal continues.

ProLon offers the benefit of a cleanse at the cellular level.

Cells go through a self-cleaning and renewal process (autophagy) during a prolonged fast such as ProLon, so you can experience the ultimate cleanse - one at the cellular level. 

A survey of real ProLon users revealed many emotional benefits:

  • + Greater energy
  • + Diminished Cravings
  • + Better portion control
  • + More mindful of what they ate
  • + Motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Deeper into the science of fasting mimicking nutrition.

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