To tell the story of ProLon, we need to start at the beginning.


To tell the story of ProLon, we need to start at the beginning.​

​As a child, Valter Longo spent summers in a special region in Southern Italy known for a high number of centenarians. Fascinated with the aging process, Longo studied to become a biologist and gerontologist. He had a dream – to enhance people’s “healthspan” to help them live healthier, for longer. ​

​Dr. Longo’s medical research led him to discover the rejuvenating power of fasting. With that discovery, his dream got closer to a reality.​

With over 20 years and $36 million in research, funded by the National Institutes of Health and USC’s Longevity Institute, and a portfolio of patents, Dr. Longo’s company, L-Nutra created the revolutionary ProLon 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet. It features specially designed food, like the L-bar, that tricks the body into thinking it’s fasting, thereby giving people many benefits of fasting while allowing them to eat.​

In 2019, L-Nutra took the health revolution to the next level by creating a new nutrition bar based on the same proprietary science as the L-Bar. The new Fast Bar was created for daily intermittent fasting. Using non-GMO macro and micro nutrients, this delicious, nut bar is ideal for morning use as it curbs hunger, nourishes vital organs and provides sustained energy to help you reach your intermittent fasting goals.​

ProLon advances L-Nutra’s mission to help people live healthier, for longer.​