Like Keto?
You'll love ProLon!

Boost the benefits of biohacking

Like Keto?
You'll love ProLon!

Boost the benefits of biohacking

Burn Fat Fast & Boost Your Biology

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Ready to go beyond keto? ProLon will take you there.

See results, fast. Just 5 days fast.

If you've got 5 days you can.

The breakdown of what’s happening in your body – at the cellular level - on each day of ProLon.

Transforming to a Fasting State

Your body transitions to a fasting state & fat-burning mode and starts preparing for a cellular clean-up.

Fat Burning & Ketogenesis

Your body amps up its fat-burning as it initiates the process of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the end of this day (48hrs), ketosis may occur.

Autophagy Clean Up State

This is where things really get interesting: Your body begins its cellular clean-up (autophagy) while fat-burning and ketone production utilization continue and even increase.

Cellular Rejuvenation

Your body is essentially feeding on itself, cleaning up your cells along the way – it’s like giving your cells a bath. Plus, cellular renewal & fat-burning continue. You’re in the home stretch.

Renewal & Change

Your body is firing on all cylinders. Cellular renewal and fat-burning processes are taking place and extend beyond Day 5.

You see where we’re going with this. Adding ProLon to your keto routine at regular intervals lets you burn fat in 5-day blocks while preserving lean mass over multiple cycles.

Start burning fat

Multiple cycles of ProLon help maintain lean body mass while lowering body fat.

How often can you ProLon?

Up My Game

Multiple cycles of ProLon have been shown to support healthy aging and to reduce abdominal fat and waist circumference.

Doing keto for weight loss? ProLon is here for that too.

Looking to burn fat fast, seeking a product that is athlete friendly because it preserves lean muscle mass over multiple cycles, or to lose weight? ProLon is your go-to.

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