Despite the tremendous advancements in science, healthcare and technology,
How can it be that our generation will be the first generation in the history of humanity that will likely not live longer than our parents?

We are clearly doing something wrong, and while there is no magic bullet we can use to fix this, what we can do is to look at the Centenarian populations around the world (the people with the longest life expectancy) and try to learn why do they live longer & age better than the rest of us.

Well, we did and it did not take long to realize that nutrition was key part of the answer.

Why? Because it massively helps shape:

• The environment Centenarians live in
• Their physical fitness and condition – they are often physically active and fit well into later years
• Their mental condition
• Their energy, their focus, their mood

 So what exactly was there in their Nutrition that made the difference?  Is it the food itself? Is it the way they eat? Is there something special  in their cells? Do we learn anything new from studying the evolution of some of these populations? There has to be a scientific answer!

So this is how L-Nutra was born.

• A visionary scientist in Dr. Valter Longo that dedicated his life to unlocking the mysteries of longevity and healthy aging

• A brilliant group of scientists at USC Longevity Institute that had the resources and the believed tackling this problem scientifically was important

• A public institute - NIH - that had the resources and the motivation to tackle this problem

• The advances in physiology and the work of Dr. Yosinori Oshumi that won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016 for his work in understanding how our cells rejuvenate by recycling their "broken, old components" inside to make cells appear like younger versions of themselves.

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Put all these together, and one surprising answer, in addition to exercise and self-care, an important element that connected all the above was sitting right in front of us, in plain sight. The one thing that is a common element in any religion in the world! The thing that people instinctively know that is good for them, but just could not explain or prove the how and why.



Yes, studies clearly show that just 5 days of fasting four times a year can be a game changer for our bodies.

Why? Because it does so much:

Fat and weight loss
• Impressive self reported improvement in focus, energy and clarity
Supports our metabolic health
• Most importantly, triggers autophagy — The natural process of “intracellular clean up” that our cells use to get rid of their old, broken internal components and rejuvenate!

So what is the problem? What is the catch, why don’t we all do this?

Well, it's hard! Who on earth can go 5 days without food?

Enter the scientific breakthrough ProLon.

• Over 20 years of clinical work
• 32MM investment by research institutions, including the NIH
• 14 completed, peer reviewed and published clinical studies
• A team of passionate people that want to change the world

ProLon is the first and only 5 Day Precision Nutrition Program to unlock many of the benefits of fasting, with food!

Delicious, plant-based, non-GMO food that helps you fight hunger while your body transforms itself.

How on earth is this possible?

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Fasting Nutrition Technology

The secret lies in the proprietary, patented Fasting Nutrition Technology, that precisely combines natural food ingredients and supplements.

Hack The Process

Our technology allows us to provide food in a way that “tricks” the body’s Nutrient Sensing Pathways into believing the body is in a fasting state, so you can fast with food.

Clinically Tested & Endorsed

Clinically tested and it’s endorsed by over 17,000
Health Care professionals that are part of the ProLon Family dedicated to helping everyone achieve better health.

And all these with no long term, high-maintenance diets, no guess work, no complicated recipes. Simple, straight-forward, great quality food.

And guess what, it actually works, and it lasts. Give us just 20 days a year and see and feel the difference that lasts!

With over half a million ProLon kits already sold and 40% of our business coming from friends and family recommendations, we are no longer the “hidden secret of the nutrition world."

ProLon is on its way to becoming a love brand. It is a program that when you try, you fall in love with and cannot stop talking about it!