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Restore your skin’s natural glow, from the inside out

1ProLon® Fasting Nutrition Program can improve skin clarity


ProLon’s patented recipe is designed to trigger many benefits brought on by a prolonged fast. ProLon nourishes your cells while being stealth to your body’s food sensing system.

How ProLon Helps Improve Your Skin

Combat Dryness,Fine Lines

Participants reported their skin felt less dry after 3 consecutive cycles of ProLon.

Enhance Overall Appearance,Radiance, Clarity

Clinical testing shows that ProLon improves overall skin appearance.


More than 75% of participants said their(facial) skin felt smoother after 3 consecutive cycles of ProLon.

Improved SkinQuality

Most users surveyed felt the quality of their skin improved with ProLon.


Studies show that fasting can boost your skin’s natural Rejuvenation process, resulting in skin that looks fresher and feels fuller and more elastic, even as you age.

ProLon is unlike any other fasting program and is based on over 20 years of scientific research. The specially designed meal plan provides you with tasty food and delivers nutrition without activating the body’s food-recognizing sensors, also known as Nutrient-Sensing Pathways. It keeps these sensors below a certain threshold – so it’s essentially a “fast with food”.


Scientific evidence shows that gut health impacts the condition of your skin. When your digestive system is not functioning properly, or stressed, it shows on your skin. Routine fasting gives your gut a much-needed rest, allowing the natural microbes to replenish.

Because ProLon provides the macro- and micro-nutrients your body needs, it’s a safer, simpler option than a water-only fast. A healthy digestive system can absorb nutrients optimally, and contributes to overall health and healthy-looking skin.


Fasting, when done in a specific way, can trigger autophagy. Autophagy is a process in which the body cleans itself of tired, old cell parts and proteins, to make way for new, healthy ones. ProLon supports the body’s natural processes of intracellular clean-up and cell renewal.

During autophagy, cells recycle intracellular debris, and worn-out parts (organelles), so they appear to be younger versions of themselves after the fast.

ProLon Fast
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I can’t recommend ProLon enough

I discovered ProLon last January and I have been doing it consistently ever since then. It is a really great reset for your body, especially after holidays. It has so many different benefits, it curbs sugar cravings and helps me manage portion control.


It just works for me...

Not only can I stick to ProLon when I can’t stick to other diets, it helps jumpstart into whatever diet that I am planning to do after. Prolon motivates me... it just works for me.


I loved it... my wife loved it!

I think this program is actually a perfect example of practicing self-discipline. Anyone that wants to get batter in that aspect of their lives, while improving overall physical health, I think ProLon is a great opportunity to do just that.


No more belly bloat...

How are you going to feel after 5 days... Amazing! No belly bloat, you are going to lose weight, have more energy, and all your cravings for sugar... GONE! You have to give this a try.


You may not realize it but you’re already fasting.

Every night when you go to sleep, your body goes into a fasting state. The human body was designed to fast but modern life intervened. Tap into your natural instincts with ProLon.

ProLon 3 Cycle Benefits

Three consecutive monthly cycles (just 15 days of ProLon) has been clinically shown to provide the benefits of 5 days plus

Younger Looking Skin

Clinical testing shows that ProLon improves overall skin Appearance, Radiance, and Clarity.

Metabolic Health

Multiple cycles of ProLon have been shown to support healthy systolic blood pressure, while reducing abdominal fat and waist circumference.

Healthy Aging

ProLon supports the body’s natural processes of intracellular clean-up and cell renewal to help with healthy aging.

Better Habits

The majority of ProLon users report they have less food cravings and feel more in control of their health after completing ProLon.

The ProLon 3 Cycle Protocol