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Intermittent Fasting Routine

Did you know that intermittent fasting is the #1 diet in the U.S., ahead of Keto and all other diets? There’s no question, intermittent fasting has swept the nation.

But keep in mind, the idea of fasting isn’t new. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, and Ben Franklin were fasting super-fans. In fact, Ben said: “The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.” 
So – what is intermittent fasting? The term refers to fasts that last less than two consecutive days. They can help you lose weight, support your metabolic health, improve your mental clarity, and they're simple to do, because it’s less about what you eat, than when you eat.

Time-restricted eating is the most popular way to do an intermittent fast. First, there’s the “circadian 12:12” method, a 12-hour fasting window followed by a 12-hour eating window. The circadian rhythm theory is that it’s more natural to eat during the day, when we evolved to best eat and digest our food.

If you want to fast for longer, the “16:8” method, a 16-hour fasting window and an 8-hour eating window, is a great option if weight loss is your main goal.

There’s also the “18:6” method, an 18-hour fasting window and a 6-hour eating widow, and the “5:2” method, where five days of the week are normal eating days and two days of the week are restricted calorie days (usually 600 calories for men, 500 for women).

And now, there’s a tasty nutrition bar made with premium nuts that’s specifically designed for intermittent fasting. Fast Bar® makes achieving your intermittent fasting goals even easier because you can eat it without breaking your fast. No, really!

Fast Bar did a randomized, controlled study of 105 adults who fasted for 15 hours overnight. They then measured people’s glucose and ketone levels every hour for four hours after they either ate breakfast, had only water, or ate a delicious Fast Bar. The results were even better than expected. It proved that the bar helps you extend your fasting window.

It’s revolutionizing the world of fasting.

One thing’s for sure, intermittent fasting is here to stay. Give Fast Bar a try and make your fasting journey even more rewarding.

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Remember: you can change the order of what you eat, but don’t switch components from one day to the other—each day’s intake is carefully crafted to maximize the benefits of your FMD experience.