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**Fast Bar® $45 off

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Fast Bar features a proprietary blend of premium nuts and other nutritious ingredients at scientific portions of macro and micronutrients. This unique bar provides nourishment to your body and supports your fasting goals due to its macronutrient profile of more beneficial fats and fewer carbs and protein. Premium blend of nourishing ingredients. Plant-based protein. Good fats from nuts. Rich in fiber. Made without soy or dairy.


Fast Bar® Nuts & Nibs bar is a real crowd pleaser! Aside from its delicious flavor, this tasty nutrition bar also packs a premium blend of nourishing nuts to satisfy your food cravings and your palate.


Like chocolate? Then you'll love the taste of Fast Bar® Cocoa Nuts bar! With a mouthwatering combination of premium nuts and cocoa powder, this tasty bar contains the nutritious ingredients to satisfy your taste buds and fuel your performance.