Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewThis was my first 5 day. I was amazed about how I was rarely hungry and how much energy I had. Highly recommend!!
Michele K.
Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewThe best fasting product out there.

Very healthy, I felt renewed and ready to continue my journey to a healthier me.

Monica Monroy & Jonathan Garcia
Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewGreat diet. Second time. Got easier. And the results are amazing - lost 4kg (9-10 lbs) in 5 days and I feel great.
Elad Shoushan
*Results not typical.  On average, weight is loss is 5 pounds in 5 days

ProLon 5-Day

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Fasting Nutrition Plan

Everything you need for a successful 5-day fast. It’s simple — a box for each day with packaged soup mixes, snacks, energy bars and drinks. All the macro and micronutrients to fortify your fast. Just 5 days will change your relationship with food.

ProLon 1: Minestrone, Tomato, Mushroom, Vegetable, Minestrone Quinoa

ProLon 2: Black Bean, Tomato, Spinach & White Bean, Butternut Squash Quinoa, Butternut Squash

ProLon 2: Black Bean, Tomato, Spinach & White Bean, Butternut Squash Quinoa, Butternut Squash

ProLon 2: Black Bean, Tomato, Spinach & White Bean, Butternut Squash Quinoa, Butternut Squash

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Empowering your health & longevity goals

I can’t recommend ProLon enough

I discovered ProLon last January and I have been doing it consistently ever since then. It is a really great reset for your body, especially after holidays. It has so many different benefits, it curbs sugar cravings and helps me manage portion control.


Go ProLon... I'm obsessed!

I started ProLon and i'm telling you, it worked! I lost 6 pounds, I have no brain fog, I absolutely do not crave sugar right now which is insane and I actually feel amazing, I'm full of energy! I am so proud of myself, my husband did it with me, he lost 5 pounds, says he has never felt better.


No more belly bloat...

How are you going to feel after 5 days... Amazing! No belly bloat, you are going to lose weight, have more energy, and all your cravings for sugar... GONE! You have to give this a try.


Reasons why I love ProLon..

ProLon resets my gut (especially when I’ve been traveling), it helps me sleep better, and it allows me to take a break. These are three of the reasons why I love ProLon. I’ve done it for over four years and I only talk about things that I love.


cellular clean-up
Cellular Clean-up
ProLon supports the body’s natural process of cellular clean-up, triggered when it’s in a prolonged fasting state.

Weight Loss
Fat Focused Weight Loss

ProLon has been tested to help people lose an average of 5.7 lbs, targeted at visceral fat, and 1.6 inches of waist circumference, while preserving lean body mass.*

*Benefits seen in a clinical study of the 5-day ProLon cycle once a month for three consecutive months.

More Energy
More Energy
The majority of ProLon users surveyed said they had more energy after completing the fast.

Enhance Clarity
Enhance Clarity

Customers report having more energy after completing the fast, and feeling greater focus and clarity after their first fast with ProLon.

You may not realize it but you’re already fasting.

Every night when you go to sleep, your body goes into a fasting state. The human body was
designed to fast but modern life intervened. Tap into your natural instincts with ProLon.

What Customers Are Saying

Tasty, safe and successful...

“Excellent product! As a first-timer, I was
concerned if I could do a 5-day cleanse. I experienced some hunger and tiredness but no headaches or crabbines. Everything was tasty. Lost 5 poinds and only gained 1 back. Already purchased two additional kits.”

-Janet K.

Endless Rewards...

"The rewards from this program are endless. Not only did I lose 8lbs in 5 days*, I also gained a ton of mental toughness from it. Knowing that I could stick to the program for 5 days hasgiven me the ability to not give in to my cravings and has aided me in contined weight loss."

-Vincent S.

*Results not typical.  Average weight loss is 5 pounds in 5 days.

Excellent Customer Service...

"The beauty was that after 5 days, I was no longer hungry. no more hunger pains. I am on the 4th box in a row and am feeling fantastic. No desire to eat. easy to pass up treats, dinner, pastries. Very Amazing. I am hoping this will launch me on a more reasonable way of eating."

-Julie T.

What Makes ProLon Different

ProLon is backed by more than 20 years of scientific studies and
$36 million in Research & Development.