(3) ReSet + Fasting Shake

(3) ReSet + Fasting Shake

Be ready for anything life throws your way with our ReSet + Fasting Shake Bundle. Enjoy the latest breakthrough in the science of nutrition and healthy aging.

• (1x) ReSet 1-Day Fasting Kits
• (1x) Fasting Shake - 14 Individual Shake Sachets

ReSet Soup Flavor
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  • Clean, Premium, Plant-Based Ingredients
  • 40+ Global Patents, 16 Human Clinical Trials
  • Only Fasting Nutrition to Promote Longevity
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With ProLon, you get everything you need pre-packaged and ready to go. Each kit comes with five boxes which are labeled by day so you know what to eat each day.


Original Soup Flavors: Vegetable, Minestrone, Minestrone Quinoa, Mushroom, Tomato. — or—


Gen3: Red Bell Pepper & Onion, Green Pea & Chives, Lentil Curry, Chickpea & Leeks, Carrot Ginger


Soups: A variety of easy-to-prepare soups made with a proprietary mix of all-natural, plant-based ingredients

Nut Bars: Cold-pressed, delicious nut bars with whole ingredients like almonds, macadamia nuts, and pecans

Snacks: Snacks like olives from the South of Spain where olive consumption is associated with longevity, and kale crackers enriched with plant-based protein.

Supplements: Dietary supplement packed with multivitamins, amino-acids, minerals and omega-3 fatty acid to provide the body with nourishment

L-Drink: Fruit-flavored, proprietary glycerol mix designed to fuel and protect muscles throughout the fast

Herbal Teas: Caffeine-free herbal teas loaded with healthy antioxidants, and will keep you hydrated during your week.

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Fasting Shake

Fasting Shake unlocks fasting benefits so that you be at your best any day, and every day.

ReSet 1-Day

ReSet 1-Day Fasting kit will feed your body while keeping it in a physiological fasting state.